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路易斯维尔's Most Trusted Pressure Washing Company

Between the 路易斯维尔 climate and the wear-and-tear of daily living, your 路易斯维尔 home can start to look old, 脏, and run-down before its time, which is why you need regular professional pressure washing 服务 by a reliable pressure washing company to help restore and maintain your home's original beauty. Powell's Pressure Washing is the best 路易斯维尔 pressure washing company to call for several reasons.

One of the main things to look for in a pressure washing company is versatility. Not all surfaces or stains are created equally. Powell's Pressure Washing is the pressure washing company that's got the experience to handle any cleaning job. Whether you need heavy-duty driveway cleaning or a gentler deck & fence washing service, we'll make your surfaces look spectacular in a snap.

One of the other things to look for in your pressure washing company is efficiency. Time really is money, and Powell's Pressure Washing won't waste either one. We do the job right the first time, and we'll give you the quickest, most thorough clean you've ever seen.

When you want a 路易斯维尔 pressure washing company that's ready to work hard for you, call Powell's Pressure Washing.

House Washing

While pressure washing is a great way to remove contaminants from your home's exterior surfaces, sometimes the high-pressure force of the water is too strong for your more delicate surfaces. Soft washing solves this dilemma by gently saturating the contaminants that threaten fragile surfaces like stucco, 石膏, 木头站, and other delicate outdoor surfaces, penetrating them and allowing them to be softly washed away with a light stream of clear water.


Roof Cleaning

Soft washing techniques remove unsightly algae and other contaminants. Your roof is safely restored to like-new condition after just one of our expert roof cleaning 服务!


Gutter Cleaning

Like roof cleaning, our expert pressure washers make every effort to clean your gutters safely and thoroughly. We use soft washing techniques to ensure no harm comes to your gutters while ridding them of contaminants and pollutants.


甲板 & Fence Washing

甲板s and fences take a beating from the weather and other elements. Restore color to your deck or fence and get rid of grime with our deck and fence washing 服务.


Sidewalk Cleaning

Pressure washing strips away all kinds of slipping and tripping hazards from these high-traffic areas. It also removes pollutants that can cause illness if tracked indoors.


Driveway Washing

High-pressure washing removes the toughest stains from this high-traffic area. It also removes dangerous toxins, such as vehicle fluids.


Concrete Cleaning & 密封

Pressure washing removes stains and contaminants from your concrete surfaces and leaves them with a spectacular shine. Once your concrete is perfectly clean, ask about our sealing 服务.


Aggregate 密封

We offer maintenance and restoration 服务 on all types of cement surfaces, including stamped concrete, exposed aggregate, brick paver repair, and concrete driveways, to name a few. Your aggregate surface will look new and beautiful after our sealing service!


Commercial Pressure Washing

As a commercial property owner, the cleanliness of your building is a representation of your business. Gain new clients, keep your current customers coming back, and boost the morale of your employees by hiring us for a commercial pressure washing that will have your property looking brand new.


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